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22 Jan 2015

President Barack Obama recently announced that parents individuals Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident children that are not enforcement priorities will likely be resistant to deportation. This executive action will result in numerous benefits not only for those parents, but for thousands of children and for the population of the United States generally. immigration lawyers

There are almost 5 million children in the usa with at least one undocumented parent. Based on a report from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), over 70,000 people with a minumum of one US citizen child were deported in 2013. While many of them had criminal charges which resulted in their deportation, almost 11,000 of those had no criminal convictions. These deportations left 100,000 US citizen kids with either no parent, or with just one single parent. The detention or deportation of a parent posseses an extremely detrimental impact on the usa citizen children that are left out. Based on research conducted through the Center for American Progress (CAP) in 2012, children with detained or deported parents experience increased crying, loss ofappetite and sleeplessness, clingy behavior, and increased fear and anxiety. A lot of them associate all police force officers with immigration officers, and therefore are therefore fearful of police. Numerous reports have figured that such fear and anxiety in childhood might have lasting detrimental effects over a child�s development. immigration lawyers charlotte nc

Not just US citizen children are influenced by these deportations-the united states citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident spouses who remain in america experience emotional and financial difficulties. The vast majority of those who are deported are men, leaving children and single mothers to struggle forfood and housing, and financial support. Some children are left with another parent or even a caretaker after the deportation of the parent, many US citizen children do not have one to tend to them. Over 5,000 US citizen children happen to be put into foster care due to deportation, for around over $25,000 per child annually, bought by US taxpayers.

The benefits of deferred action for parents of US citizen children will not only benefit the US citizen children and the parents, but will benefit the United States as a whole. Many undocumented parents are presently unemployed, as a result of the fear of discovery, or utilized by individuals who pay them cash beneath the table. What this means is that all of these individuals, whose numbers total in the millions, are not paying taxes to the government. They can come out of the shadows and obtain legal, paying jobs, if they are eligible for DAPA and are able to obtain a work permit. This can let them pay taxes to both the federal and state governments, and assist the US economy. They will earn more income, which will let them spend more money, and turn into financially contributing members of society. immigration lawyers charlotte nc

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